Ameera Al-Kharaz and Tina Ringer Mogensen join QD&CC to strengthen and expand the portfolio offered by QD&CC. Together they will continue to empower people and develop businesses and organizations in Qatar. Recognizing the requirements of providing services to a community as multi-cultural as Qatar, we have expanded our team to include a Qatari and Danish Professional, who will add even more weight to our passion about delivering Qatar´s National Vision 2030 through the Pillar of Human Development.

Founded by Elizabeth Fleming in 2013,, QD&CC is known for value-based professionalism that provides a dynamic and fresh approach to consultation and development. Tina and Ameera intend to continue this commitment, adding their own passion, dedication and experience. Being locally based, the QD&CC team are well positioned to provide pre and post services to match business’s needs, as well as guide organisations in long term consultation and developmental activities.

Ameera Al-Kharaz is a Psychiatrist, MD at HMC, a qualified Life- and Executive Coach as well as a Wellness Coach. She has done intensive training in facilitating communication and connections in relationships whiletraining to become an Imago Relationship Therapist. She is known for her warmth, curiosity and eagerness to make the people she works with explore the good life – shifting the focus from sickness to wellness. She is passionate about relieving the stigma and shame in the field of mental health and works continuously to challenge limiting beliefs and enhance resilience wherever she works.

She is a Graduate of Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain and is Arab Board Certified in psychiatry. She obtained a Fellowship in Quality improvement and Patient safety in collaboration with IHI.

Her strong academic analytical training, her interpersonal skills, ongoing professional training and cultural awareness allows her to integrate numerous perspectives to the benefit for the individuals and groups she works with.

Her vision to bridge to and explore the field of personal empowerment and growth in Qatar reflects her own life journey where she is always looking for new and better ways to improve life quality – on a personal and professional level.

Tina Ringer Mogensen holds a Master Degree in Clinical and Organizational Psychology and is a certified Imago Workshop Presenter and a Mindfulness Teacher. Tina has worked with groups, teams and individuals and run a variety of corporate and clinical programs for varied industries across Qatar. Tina is passionate about making people thrive, connect, grow and being fully alive for the benefit of themselves, their relationships and the organizations, they are part of. She is a heart driven psychologist who facilitates connections and presence in a positive, empowering and safe way. She has introduced Mindfulness programmes to Qatar and has run numerous 8 week course over the last 7 years training individuals and groups to live more present, communicate more clearly and step into full aliveness. Tina´s combined background in clinical and organizational psychology offers a unique and in depth facilitation of change on the individual level, team level, management level and organisational level. Her resource focused approach and systemic thinking has enabled her to develop creative and tailor-made programs for the people and organizations she has worked with. Her interpersonal skills is an asset in her one on one sessions as well.

The three women will continue the amazing work started by Elizabeth Fleming in 2013 and together also expand in the field of emotional intelligence, communication and mindful self-leadership through a new Be Well pillar: Tailor-made programs for the wellbeing of employees and leaders with benefits for organisations is under way. The team are also working on translating their learning activities into Arabic and adjust programmes to the unique setting in the Middle East. QD&CC has an affiliated network of consultants, who live up to our high professional ethic, that can be drawn upon for tailor-made programs and special solutions.
QD&CC Specialises in practical growth solutions and organisational development.
We empower individuals, teams and organisations to facilitate growth and change through learning activities – delivered with value-based professionalism. We offer personal development courses and mindful solutions to create more aliveness, performance and wellbeing in individuals and organisations.
Qatar Development and Consultancy Centre specialises in the provision practical people development solutions and organisational growth, we offer a range of services, such as: Developmental Courses, Qatarisation Programmes, Executive Coaching as well as Team Building and Ergonomic Management, each adding their own dimension to empowering the people and businesses of Qatar and the region.
We provide a dynamic and fresh approach to learning and development, bringing many years of international experience to the local market. Being locally based, we are able to provide pre and post services to match your business needs, as well as partner your organisation in long term consultation and developmental activities.
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Learning and Development

International people development expertise in the local Qatar market

We provide a dynamic and fresh approach to learning and development, bringing many years of international experience to the local market. Being locally based, we are able to provide services to match your business needs, as well as partner your organisation in long term consultation and developmental activities. Our courses are an interactive blend of workshops, lectures, discussions, case studies, reflection exercises, group and individual activities, presentations and assessments. Each course consists of a variety of workshops, providing explorative learning opportunities that promote relevant theories and analysis among delegates, as well as provide insight into theoretical practice and the development of new skills and knowledge.

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Team Building

Developing cohesive and collaborative teams through expert facilitation

Team building is a proactive approach to improve cohesion between team members. We focus team building activities on improving communications skills, morale, commitment and consensus, leadership development, delivering goals and objectives, reducing negative conflict, enhancing projects, developing individual and team competencies, leading change, promoting organisational values, inspiring innovation and so much more. We offer a diverse range of team building activities and have partnered with our clients to provide fun-filled, thought provoking activities that meet the needs of teambuilding objectives.

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Executive Coaching

Impactful individual and/or group coaching programmes to maximise potential

To leverage class based learning, coaching is deemed to possess the most impact. We provide executive coaching services, where we assign an Executive Coach to a delegate or group of delegates to embed learning gained through our developmental programmes or related field. While we have developed best practice coaching guidelines and practices through our many years of experience, we are happy to work with our clients to tailor the most appropriate coaching programme to suit individuals, groups or organisational needs. Each developmental course can be blended with a one to one coaching programme aimed to develop and enhance individual competencies learned through coursework. Class based training together with executive coaching provides a greater learning for delegates and is often used as part of a Qatarisation modality for development.

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Supporting the state of Qatar’s 2030 vision for people development

Qatarisation is a vital component of the state's strategic 2030 vision; enabling Qatari to hold key positions to support the state's sustainable business requirements. An effective Qatarisation programme is designed to recruit, develop and retain Qatari into permanent positions seamlessly, with minimal disruption to organisational operations. Our approach is to partner organisations in developing a robust framework to establish Qatarisation programmes to meet business needs. Combining international best practice with local expertise and understanding, we develop medium to long-term Qatarisation solutions that balance the needs of the Developees with business objectives. Developees going through a Qatarisation programme will enjoy a blend of learning that enhances personal and professional growth. We establish an Individual learning plan combining our developmental courses and executive coaching.

QD&CC Ergonomics

Well-being & Mindfulness

Mindfulness courses, trainings and mindful soultions for individuals and organisations

In QD&CC we offer mindfulness courses, trainings and mindful soultions for individuals and organisations.

Recent years have seen an increased focus on mindfulness and its numerous benefits. As mindfulness programs make their way into the fields of education, mental health, work place stress reduction, and leadership developmen, it begs the question - what is the basis for this profound wave and sudden ubiquity of mindfulness? Part of the reason why mindfulness is becoming so popular in widely different contexts is that it is not simply about learning a narrow, specific skill. Rather, it is about learning a new way of approaching our usual tasks with a state of mind ready to accept, grow, learn, transform, and empower. It is therefore endlessly applicable throughout all aspects of our lives.

Modern neuroscience informs us that we can actually shape and train our brain to be more harmonious and less reactive by practicing mindfulness continuously throughout our lives. This holds promising perspectives for the future of mental health, change, and our quality of life. Mindfulness training teaches people to be more present in the now, and less ruminating about the past or fearing for the future. It teaches clear and stringent ways to train the mind to be less reactive, safer, and more connected to the surrounding world.

The research points to 3 ways mindfulness practices is beneficial:
1. Training attention
2. Increasing self-knowledge and self-mastery
3. Creating useful mental habits.

Our corporate values support our purpose; they reflect how we add value to our clients and how we conduct ourselves through professional relationships:


We practice our profession through working collaboratively with our clients to bring a fresh, energetic approach.


We thrive on providing a service that is of the highest quality and on delivering long term, real business solutions to assist our clients and the state of Qatar in achieving their vision.


We place great importance on providing the best possible solutions, so we take time to understand our clients and develop meaningful long term relationships where we add real value.


Service is only truly of benefit when we meet or exceed our client's expectations; we listen carefully to our clients and seek sustainable solutions they can rely on.


We take pride in delivering a meaningful service through utilising our existing experience and knowledge, as well as continuously developing ourselves in order to address the needs of clients.

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